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Question on Site Workflow

Question 151: Select the correct statments with Site Workflows in SharePoint 2010:

a. A Site Workflow can only be started manually

b. A Site Workflow can start automatically as well manually.

c. A Site Workflow runs against a list.

d. A Site Workflow runs against a site.

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Question 150: A Content Type can consist of the following elements: (select all which applies)

a. Document Template

b. Site Column.

c. Workflow

d. Information Management Policies

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Site Pages and Application Pages

Question 149: Select the correct options for Site Pages and Application pages:

a. Customized Site Pages are parsed in Direct Mode.

b. Application pages are parsed in Safe Mode.

c. Customized Site Pages are parsed in Safe Mode.

d. Application Pages are parsed in Direct Mode.

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Question on XAP File

Question 148: Select the correct assemblies which are part of a XAP File which is generated for Silverlight based solution in Sharepoint:

a. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll

b. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.dll

c. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.Runtime.dll

d. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Process.dll

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Question on Client Object Model

Question 147: To deploy a stand-alone .NET Framework applications that uses the SharePoint client object model which assemblies needs to be distributed in the MSI Package:(Multiple Selection)

a. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll

b. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Execute.dll

c. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll

d. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Process.dll

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