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Question on Solution Files (WSP)

Question 130: The WSP files(Solutions) are stored in:

a.Content Database.

b. Some part is stored in Content Database and some is stored in the FileSystem.

c. WSP files are stored in the File System.

d.WSP files are stored in the Config DB.

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Question on Site Events

Question 129: Following is the correct statement with related to Site level Events introduced in SharePoint 2010:

a.Site event enables to capture and run code on the occourance of an event at the site level, such as site provision or site deletion.

b.Site event are a collection of list events that are created and deployed as one unit.

c.Site events is an enhanced level error handling capablity that is introduced in SP2010 to extend the windows event viewer

d. Site event introduces streaming content delivery to users.

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Question on WSP Package in SharePoint 2010

Question 128: Select the correct statements with respect to WSP in SharePoint 2010:(Multiple Selection)

a.The WSP Package enables a SharePoint feature to be synchronized across multiple servers in a farm.

b.The WSP Package is encrypted.

c.WSP Package can be opened in Visual Studio 2010

d. WSP Package needs to be digitally signed before deployment.

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Question on layouts folder

Question 127: Select the correct statements related to _layouts folder in SharePoint 2010:(Multiple Selection)

a._layouts folder is stored in a SQL DB.

b.Contents of Layout folder is stored in IIS Metabase.

c.Pages in the Layouts folders are stored in the file system on the SharePoint Server

d.Visual Studio 2010 includes a mapped folder to the _layouts folder, which helps to deploy items to the SharePoint file system in the SharePoint Server

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Question on Accessing Data with LINQ

Question 126: Select the correct statements while accessing SharePoint Data using LINQ in SharePoint 2010

a.Early Binding to List Data, Fields and Data Types

b.Late Binding to List Data, Fields and Data Types

c.A Standard Query Language

d.A GUI Based Query Builder

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Question on LINQ Entity Creation

Question 125: Which Tool can be used to simplify the process of creation of LINQ entities in SharePoint 2010





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Question on SharePoint Classes

Question 124: Following class can use a CAML Query to filter the results returned from a SharePoint Site:





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Question on Data Retrival in SharePoint

Question 123: Following classes can be used to retrive and manipulate the data in SharePoint lists inside a SharePoint Site (multiple selection):





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Question on Data Bound Control in SharePoint 2010

Question 122: To provide a simple a data-bound control that binds a list on SharePoint site which inbuilt user-interface component can be used in SharePoint 2010:

a. SPSites


c. SPGridView


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Question on Technology Stack for SharePoint 2010

Question 121: Select the correct Techonology Stack for SharePoint 2010:

a.SharePoint 2010 is based on ASP.NET 4.0

b.SharePoint 2010 is based on ASP.NET 3.5

c.SharePoint 2010 runs on 64 bit platform only.

d.SharePoint 2010 runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit platform only.

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Question on Business Connectivity Services

Question 120: Business Connectivity Service in SharePoint 2010 represents external data as which of the following type of List:

a.Remote List

b.Business List

c.External List

d.Integrated List

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Question on Visual Web Part in SharePoint 2010

Question 119: Select the correct statments with Visual Web Part in SharePoint 2010:

a. Visual Web Part are ascx user control that can be added directly to a SharePoint Page, without requiring a standard Web Part.

b. Visual Web Parts are only supported in Windows Form based Application.

c. Visual Web Part can only be added to the SharePoint 2010 ribbon.

d. Visual Web Part are ascx user control that can be packaged and deployed to SharePoint page with the packaging and deployment features provided by Visual Studio 2010.

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Question on Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Question 118: Select the correct statments with developing WebParts using Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint 2010 (Multiple Selection):

a. Web Parts are reusable and can be used on multiple pages and sites.

b. Visual and Standard Web Parts offer graphical design surfaces in Visual Studio 2010.

c. Web Parts can easily be added to a SharePoint Web Page using the ribbon toolbar in the SharePoint Web Interface.

d. Web Part Development and Deployment is supported in Visual Studio 2010.

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